Factory-fill: EP800-NW75-Blowing Panel for industrial element filling View larger

Factory-fill: EP800-NW75-Blowing Panel for industrial element filling


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Factory-fill: EP800-NW75-Blowing Panel for industrial element filling


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The X-Floc blowing panel EP800-NW75 for industrial element filling.
Individual and custom-made solutions for insulating prefabricated components with certified insulation materials, for example cellulose, wood fibre and many more.

- Quick and efficient insulation
- Simplified production steps
- Easy-to-understand insulation control
- Uniform insulation result due to five blowing openings
- Precise quality control via display
- Simple selection of the element geometry
- Easy activation/deactivation of the blowing nozzles
- Automatic element filling with a homogeneous density
- Logging of the insulation process (insulation mass, insulation time, project name, element designations, parameter settings)

Technical details:
Dimensions: approx. 3200x900x500mm (LxWxH, special dimensions on request)
Weight: approx. 250-350kg / depending on the version
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz / 16A
Blowing openings: 5 pieces
Required compressed air: filtered, 6-8 bar
Throughput: depending on the insulation material up to 1000kg/h
Control: SPS with touchscreen
Quality control: automatic, in combination with the insulation blowing machines weighing unit
Networking with X-Floc insulation blowing machines for an automatic insulation process possible.
Insulation process: system operated / automatic

SPS control with touchscreen operation, with individual control of all five blowing openings.
Manual positioning on the cavity to be filled.

The settings, insulation time, insulation amount of the respective element and the elements overall weight will be saved and serve the purposes of quality control.

Each company has different processes, constructions and customer requirements.
With an individual customer service, we can adapt the insulation system to your individual needs.
This way, you can realize the maximum benefits for your processes. Feel free to contact us!

- Compressor, compressed air- (0,74kW) (prod. no. 7794)
- SPS: LAN-to-LAN industrial router (prod. no. 7501)