WB: EP1050-NW63-HDD Blowing Panel for industrial element filling View larger

WB: EP1050-NW63-HDD Blowing Panel for industrial element filling


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WB: EP1050-NW63-HDD Blowing Panel for industrial element filling


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Intelligent, multiaxial blowing panel for automated filling of frame elements with blow-in insulation materials. The injection of the insulation material will be realized by several liftable rotary nozzle units which will fully insulate the frame element sequentially. Thereat, the insulation material will flow through specially designed nozzle pipes which will be lowered down into the frame element during the injection process (1. axis) in order to distribute the insulation material with a rotating movement (2. axis) evenly into every area.
The injection process will be performed automatically by pressure sensors and an industrial control. The specially developed software provides a high range of setting possibilities. This way, various cavity geometries can be filled and insulation materials can be processed according to the current requirements. In combination with a material supplys weighing possibility, a consistent quality control can be achieved by automatically recorded installation densities.

Technical details:
- Performance capacity: up to 1400kg/h, depending on the insulation blowing machine and the insulation material being used
- Insulation materials typically used: wood fibre, glass wool, cellulose, rock wool
- Dimensions: approx. 850 x 800 x 3200 mm (width x height x length, deviating versions on request)
- Handling: by handle strip
- Number of liftable rotary nozzle units: 4 pieces (deviating versions on request)
- Material distribution towards the liftable rotary nozzle units: 3 material switches NW75
- Vertical movement of the nozzle pipe: by pneumatic cylinder
- Rotary movement of the nozzle pipe: motor driven
- Control: robust, freely programmable, available worldwide industrial control with 1-GHz-ARM-CPU
- User interface: wireless tablet PC with touchscreen and software, with intuitive operating interface
- Possible integration into crane/gantry device or other handling devices (e.g. Weinmann)

- For operating the blowing panel, a compatible insulation blowing machine is required.
- For the extension to an interlinked factory filling plant (EP / EM / GBF), an optionally available safety device is required. This safety device contains a function connector for operating the machine in stand-alone operation (see options).

Required connections:
- Power supply: 230V~ / 10A
- Compressed air supply: 6-8 bar, on-site

- EP1050: Handling system for blowing panel EP1050 (prod. no. 7512)
- WB: EP1050 Line laser module for simplified positioning (prod. No. 7832)
- SPS: LAN-to-LAN industrial router for remote maintenance purposes (prod. No. 7501)
- EP: Additional package for integrating the insulation blowing panel (EP) into a factory filling system (prod. No. 8617)