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Vibration Test Bench acc. to EN 15101-1


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Vibration Test Bench acc. to EN 15101-1


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Testing apparatus for dry injected insulation materials

- Settlement determinations of
· Dry injected cellulose insulation materials (LFCI) and other blowing insulation materials
· Blowing insulation in walls, roofs and roof pitches
- According to the standard of EN 15101-1
- Compatibly test element (specimen box) 0.345/0.144 m³ on request

The Vibration Test Bench serves for settlement determinations under vibrations. Thermal insulations of walls, roofs and roof pitches which have been blown-in with cellulose fibre or other insulation blowing materials can be checked. This testing device corresponds to the guidelines of standard EN 15101-1.
The Vibration Test Bench has a sturdy steel frame and a powder-coated surface. The locating plate can be tilt over continuous from 0° to 90°. Consequently the settlement of thermal insulations in walls, roofs and roof pitches can be checked. A precise adjustment of the incline is possible with the angular arc gauge.
Vibrations up to 5220 Hz can be regulated. This makes tests possible which are more difficult than the most demanding realistic conditions. The device is dimensioned for lifelike specimen boxes. The particular test element can be fixed with lashing straps on the locating plate. A g stand fixes the test element in the vertical axis.
This testing apparatus has been developed in a long lasting collaboration with the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.

Technical data:
- Dimensions (L × W × H1/H2): approx. 1200 × 1300 × 1090/1760 mm
- Specimen box (W max./H max.): 1000/3000 mm
- Surface: Powder-coated RAL7035 (light grey)
- Swivel range: 0-90°
- Frequency max.: 87 Hz
- Vibrations max.: 5220 Hz
- Power rating: approx. 0.9 kW
- Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
- Unladen weight: approx. 270 kg

- Measuring device: Test element vibration test bench according to DIN-EN 15101-1 (Art.-Nr. 6617)
- Measurement device: 0.1 m³ testing unit (Art.-Nr. 3946)
- Measurement equipment: NW100 density testing set (Art.-Nr. 3770)