EM 325-3x230V-10,2kW High-powered compact insulation blowing machine View larger

EM 325-3x230V-10,2kW High-powered compact insulation blowing machine


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EM 325-3x230V-10,2kW High-powered compact insulation blowing machine


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Heavy duty compact insulation blowing machine for processing certified insulation materials, e.g. cellulose, wood fibre, mineral fibre as well as granules and other materials. Due to its compact design, the machine is ideally suited for mobile use on-site.

Important features:
The innovative 2-stage material conditioning unit with the three shafts and an additional shredding shaft can easily break up and finely shred highly compacted processing materials (max. 220kg/m³ packing density). The material flow volume can be set by the airlock feed gates position and the airlock rotors rotational speed. Three and two additional high-powered radial fans generate the required air power effortlessly and can be used for suction purposes, too. All important machine settings can be set directly from the injection point by cable or radio remote control. The machine is equipped with three 230V~/16A electrical connections. If only one or two 230V connections are available, the machine can be operated with reduced air power. For more information, see product data sheet.

Technical details:
- Power/material throughput: up to 1250kg/h (based on cellulose), depending on application, material and delivery
- Hopper volume: 0,315 m³
- Dimensions: 990 x 830 x 1740 (L x W x H)
- Empty weight: 270kg
- Filling height: 1250 mm
- Conditioning: 3x shafts, 1x shredding shaft
- Material setting: controllable via control by setting the airlock rotors rotational speed or manually by setting the airlock feed gate
- Machine control: cable control KFB2000 (standard) or FFB2000/FFB2000-Pro (optional)
- Electrical connection: 3x 230V/50Hz (+/- 5%), operation with 1x 230V/50Hz (minimum operation mode) and 2x 230V/50Hz possible with reduced air power, each with 16A (type B or C circuit breaker or slow blow screw in plug fuse)
- Inside the insulation blowing machine, frequency guided drives are installed. The electrical connection must be made according to the applicable national electrical regulations.
- Power rating: 10,2kW
- Blower: 5x high-powered radial fans with 8,25 kW total power
Main blowers 1 + 2 (each 1,8 kW): controllable via speed controller
Main blower 3 (1,45 kW): not controllable via speed controller (booster)
Amplifier blowers: blower 4 (1,8 kW) and blower 5 (1,4 KW) both controllable via speed controller
- Conveying pressure: max. 375 mbar
- Air flow (nominal/gauged): 995/765 m³/h
- Airlock volume: 18.5 L
- Outlet airlock: NW75 (3'') (direct reduction to NW63 (2½'') or NW50 (2) possible)
- Outlet amplifier: NW63 (2½'')
- Airlock chamber ventilation for optimal processing throughputs
- Incoming air filter with quick fastener, NW90 intake air duct
(All values are approximate)

Scope of delivery:
- Fully functional insulation blowing machine, consisting of machine base, machine top with foldable support and dust-reducing attachment
- Basic machine set, consisting of:
1x small-parts case with 1x cable remote control KFB2000 and carrying belt, 1x crank device, 1x pressure gauge, 1x control cabinet key, 1x open-ended spanner SW13/10, 1x socket spanner SW13, 1x silicone spray, 1x double open-ended spanner SW 10x13, 3× 230V/10m power cable (earthed-CEE), 1x 50m control cable ring PUR, approx. 2m NW90 air suction hose, connection set for amplifier blowers (hoses, Y-piece, clamps), machine folder incl. Operating instructions, inspection records and EC declaration of conformity

Optional equipment:
- Radio remote control FFB2000 -Pro instead of cable remote control (prod. No. 5243 or 5154)
- Additional option airlock feed gate controllable via remote (prod. No. 7448)
- Direct extension NW75-90 (3-3,5) (prod. No. 6746, conveyor line NW90 (3,5) necessary)
- Mains voltage display for 230V connection (prod. No. 4604, up to 3 pieces)
- Accessory set for loose insulation material NW75/63 (3/2,5) (nonabrasive, prod. No. 5246)
- 400V CEE / 3x 230V earthed power distribution cube (with connection cable) (prod