Measurement equipment: NW100 density testing set


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Measurement equipment: NW100 density testing set


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Density test set for checking the local installation density of loose fill insulation material such as cellulose, wood fibre, mineral fibre and ohter insulation materials.
Including operating instructions on the scale and operating manual.

Technical data:
Measuring range insulation thickness: 40-470mm (or 1½''-18½'').
Measuring range installation density: 20-155kg/m³ (or 1.6-6.4lb/ft³).

Consists of:
- Corrision-resistant graduated tube with special serrated bevel D 100, L approx. 500mm and printed scale and operating instructions in iso-unit system (deviating version with Imperial units possible), own weight approx. 1.8kg or 4lbs.
- Scale, electronic compact scale (item no. 2341), measuring range up to 2.2kg resp. 4.85lbs

Notes on determining the average installation density related to an element:
A sufficient number of local installation densities with subsequent averaging is required to determine an average installation density. If the local measurements deviate only slightly from each other, fewer samples are already sufficient for averaging, while for large deviations correspondingly more samples must be selected.

Note: The scales show internationally valid SI units: [g], [cm] and [kg/m³]
Scales with Anglo-American units can be supplied on request: [g], [inch] and [lb/ft³].
Please specify when ordering.

- Piercing tube with special serrated edge D 100, L approx. 800mm (on request, prod. No. 6885, not compatible with case)
- Case for density test set, without contents (prod. No. 8243)
- Scale: Net adaptor for electronic compact weighing (prod. No. 2342)
- DDE: Hole saw with ejection system complete D 106,5 mm (prod. No. 4966) or DDE: Hole saw with ejection system complete D 105 mm (prod. No. 10025)