DDE: Hole saw with ejection system complete D 65 mm


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DDE: Hole saw with ejection system complete D 65 mm


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Hole saw for drilling injection holes. Suitable for drillings fit for injection hoses, rotary nozzles of type X-Jet, J-Jet, S-Jet, exhaust pipes and more.

- Unique shaft system
- Quick and easy removing of the drill core
- Short drilling times
- Big tooth pitches enable an optimum chip removal even at maximum depth
- No clogging or burning of the hard metal teeth
- Optimized for wood, wood fiber panels, chipboards, coated wood panels, hardboard, PVC, glass fiber material, plasterboard, aerated concrete, clay tiles, Yton stones and many more

Technical details:
- Material: hard metal
- Weight: approx. 0,5 kg
- Cutting depth: approx. 58 mm
- Diameter: 65 mm with complete seating

- Not suitable for percussion drilling
- Always to be tensioned on the 3-clamping surfaces of the shaft
- To be used with manual feeding and on hand drills only

For a more detailed description: see flyer or visit www.x-floc.com

Optional accessories / spares:
- HSS Drill bit for ejection system (Prod. No. 5032)
- Hole saw with ejection system: SDS adaptor (prod. no. 6492)