X-Floc insulation blowing machines and certified materialsAbout Us and History

Since 1994, X-Floc has been developing insulation blowing machines in Renningen, Germany. At that time, the only insulation blowing machines available in Europe were imported from the USA. The X-Floc founders soon discovered the weaknesses of these elementary machines. Many innovations and design standards have been developed by X-Floc since this time. Several of them took root as state of the art.

The milestones include the modern and user-friendly control options of the machines using the FFB2000-Pro and FFB400 remote controls, the dynamic pressure control, the auto­matic shut-down, the airlock ventilation, the far developed ergonomic standards, the compact and solid design of the ­machines and the closed filling hoppers with strip curtains and the active dust extraction option. Most of these innovations are now the Benchmark for X-Floc insulation blowing machines.

X-Floc's unchanged development goal throughout the years: The insulation blowing machines are to have a high compatibility for all insulation blowing materials available on the market (cellulose, wood fibre, mineral wool, granules, bulk or composite material). That makes you, the user, very responsive with regard to market and building project changes.

The reworked original version of the M95 Zellofant is still being manufactured and many first-generation machines are still in use. This fact is, in itself, expressive enough. This machine represents a Benchmark for all insulation blowing technology in Europe. Even today, thousands use this machine successfully.

However, the clock doesn't stop ticking. Insulation blowing machine requirements grew as the development of blowing insulation materials expanded. But X-Floc still sets the Standard (EM400 and EM300). Furthermore, special application fields have been developed which require specific insulation blowing technology (EMX90/EMX250).

We provide a full-service and offer a wide-range of nozzles and injection tools including all necessary connectors, measurement ­devices, work protection and spare parts. Our product-range fullfills all modern insulation blowing technology requirements. Please take a look at our product range...

In recent years, our development department has implemented several stationary filling projects. We have earned a reputation as a specialist for pneumatic conveying and offer our prowess here. Another field is element filling systems of off-site and prefab construction. We are the pioneers for fully automated filling technology.